BAYER Aqua K-Othrine

BAYER Aqua K-Othrine

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An innovative water-based insecticide concentrate for application as a space-spray in the management of mosquitoes and certain nuisance insects. Contains Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology.

  Product Description

Aqua K-Othrine® is a space spray concentrate containing 2% deltamethrin. Deltamethrin is a highly active pyrethroid insecticide which will effectively flush insects out of their hiding places and kill through direct contact. Due to the high activity of deltamethrin Aqua K-Othrine® can be applied at extremely low dose rates of 0.5 - 1.0 g/ha of active ingredient to control public health insect pests including vectors of disease as well as nuisance flies and mosquitoes.
Aqua K-Othrine® utilises a unique patented anti-evaporant technology which makes it easy and convenient to use with reduced irritancy, odour and environmental impact.

Product Features

  • Contains 2% deltamethrin in a unique EW formulation: High level of safety when used according to the label. Highly effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects
  • Incorporates FFAST anti-evaporant technology: Provides a basis for reduced use of hydrocarbon solvent diluents and therefore less pollution in the environment
  • Very low rates of application required: One litre of product treats 20 - 40 ha
  • WHOPES evaluated and recommended for use as a space spray: Independent assessment provides reassurance of effectiveness and safety in use
  • Non-flammable: Safer storage profile
  • Water dilutable: A cheap and readily available diluent


Formulation type: Emulsion in water (EW)
Active ingredient Deltamethrin
Concentration: 20 g/L
Chemical group Pyrethroid
Use pattern Space spray concentrate (ULV or thermal fogging)
Application rate 25 - 50 mL/ha (refer product label for specific application rates according to equipment type and application method)