BAYER K-Othrin WG250

BAYER K-Othrin WG250

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A highly concentrated water dispersible granule formulation containing 250 g/kg deltamethrin for use in indoor residual spray programs

  Product Description

K-Othrine® WG 250 is a 25% deltamethrin formulation. This concentrated formulation ensures maximum insecticidal activity. K-Othrine® WG 250 is not classified in its toxicity by the European Community and has a low mammalian toxicity.

Product Features

  • A highly concentrated formulation of the synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin:
  • Available in unit-dose packaging (including water soluble and tear-and-pour options).
  • High quality, no-dust, water-dispersible granule formulation
  • Odourless and non-staining
  • Successfully used for IRS for malaria control across Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and Latin America
  • WHOPES evaluated and recommended product for use as an indoor residual spray
  • WHOPES evaluated and specified active ingredient
  • Broad spectrum of activity


Formulation type: Water dispersible granule (WDG)
Active ingredient Deltamethrin
Concentration: 250 g/kg
Chemical group Pyrethroid
Use pattern Residual surface spray insecticide for Vector Control and general purpose public health applications
Application rate 20 mg deltamethrin / m² (1 x 20 g sachet in 10 L water applied at a rate of 4 L of spray mix per 100 m²)