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A concentrated insecticide tablet for suspension in water and subsequent treatment of mosquito bednets to provide a lasting repellent and killing effect against mosquitoes.

  Product Description

Deltamethrin-based tablet for bed net impregnation

K-OTAB® is a concentrated tablet (1.6 g tablet contains 0.4 g of deltamethrin), designed for treatment of mosquito nets to provide a long lasting repellent and killing effect against mosquitoes, sand flies and other arthropods

Product Features

  • Available as a simple to use impregnation kit
  • Concentrated formulation allows light and compact packaging
  • Insecticide treatment kit for polyester or cotton nets


Formulation type: Water dispersible tablet
Active ingredient Deltamethrin
Concentration: 250 g/Kg
Chemical group Pyrethroid
Use pattern Treatment of mosquito nets
Application rate Synthetic mosquito bednet 1 tablet / 0.5 L water Cotton mosquito bednet 1 tablet / 2 L water