Large Capacity


Perfect Height Design


Secure Sterilization


For High Altitude Users


Save You Lots

Large Capacity

Equips 450mm wide dimension chamber with 100L capacity.

Outstanding Loading Capacity


5000mL×4 pcsClick here for custom order

Animal Cage

Perfect Height Design



  • 1Easy loading / unloading of the articles
  • 2Easily-accessible chamber allows easy cleaning
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Secure Sterilization

Fine Pressure Adjustment

It is easy to break the balance of temperature and pressure during the sterilization due to various factors such as air contained in the articles to be sterilized and sterilizing water.
Fine pressure adjustment function will work automatically to adjust the best balance of temperature and pressure (a kPa) for more effective sterilization.

Fine pressure adjustment function automatically sets the pressure upper limit (b kPa) and lower limit (c kPa). FLS-1000 controls the pressure balance within a certain range (between b kPa and c kPa) and brings it close to the ideal saturated steam.

For Secure Sterilization

Set the time considering “HEAT TRANSFER TIME LAG“

There is HEAT TRANSFER TIME LAG when using the steam autoclave.
The display shows the ambient temperature inside the chamber, 
but temperature of the articles to be sterilized arrives later than the display temperature. 
This is called “HEAT TRANSFER TIME LAG“.
HEAT TRANSFER TIME LAG also changes depending on the amount of the articles to be sterilized and also changes loading position in the chamber.
It takes more time to raise the temperature especially when loading large amount of articles to be sterilized.

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For monitoring the temperature of the articles to be sterilized

Temperature Sensor for 
Articles to be Sterilized (OPTION)
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Power Failure Alert & Restart

FLS-1000 shows the POWER FAILURE alert and stores the operation process for restart when a power failure occurs or the power switch is off during operation.
When the power failure occurs before the sterilization process has completed, the operation can be restarted after power is restored.
When the power failure occurs after the sterilization process has completed, the temperature and pressure go down after power is restored.
The operator can save the time for re-sterilization work.

For High Altitude Users

The FLS-1000 operates by generating steam under pressure and temperature. Therefore, its sterilization process can be greatly affected by the atmospheric pressure at the location where the FLS-1000 is installed.
FLS-1000 allows users to set altitude level, can operate secured sterilization even though at high altitude place.

*Available up to 2,000m.

Save You Lots

Intuitive Display

  • The LED display shows working status visually.
  • Swivable control panel for install location.
  • Sterilization can be selected from 3 courses.
    (Sterilization, Liquid Sterilization, Memory)

※The illuminated display on the operating panel shown in the picture 
is different from the actual display at the time of operation.

Fast Cooling Down (Standard-equipped Cooling Fan)

Standard-equipped cooling fan to shorten cooling time.
Cooling fan saves UP to 60 min (*) compared to non-fan operation.

*Test condition: No load operation, room temperature 25°C, Sterilizing water 6ℓ. Power input AC200V 18A.

Variable Exhaust Speed

The FLS-1000 allows the exhaust valve to open automatically to shorten cooling time after completion of sterilization is provided. The exhaust speed can be set to one of six levels. (For liquid sterilization course, set manually after completion of sterilization)

Timer Function

Preset timer allows to set starting time up to 99 hours.

Sterilizing Water Change Alert Function

In order to protect chamber corrosion from contaminated water inside, the change water indicator turns on when the sterilizing water should be replaced.

Annual Inspection Reminder Function

The annual inspection reminder function will notify the operator of the timing for the annual inspection when it approaches.

Selective Lid Opening (Left or Right)

Operator can choose opening direction

Safety Lid Opening Design (Avoiding Steam)

FLS-1000 is designed to avoid steam from the chamber. So, operator opens the lid without steam contact.

Mechanically-assisted Lid & Foot Pedal

By stepping on the foot pedal, you can open the lid and close it by just pressing down.

Easy Water Level Check with Water Level Indicator

Water level indicator of the chamber bottom plate allows operator to check the appropriate water level in the chamber visually and prevent the articles from soaking in sterilizing water.

Steam Trap Water Alert

The exhaust tank turns on red when water should be drained.

Wide Drain Piping

The wide drain piping reduces clogging, and smoothly drains water from chamber.


Lid Interlock

A safety device locks the lid during operation.
A high level of safety is assured to prevent unexpected incident.

No Water Heating Prevention

A safety device for preventing no water heating is equipped.

Other Safety Devices

  • Safety valve
  • Leakage breaker
  • Over-temperature prevention
  • Over-pressure prevention
  • Temperature sensor malfunction detection
  • Pressure sensor malfunction detection
  • Exhaust valve malfunction detection
  • Low sterilizing water level detection
  • Chamber lid open / close detection
  • Drain acess cover open detection


Temperature Sensor for Articles to be Sterilized

The sensor directly detects the temperature of articles to be sterilized.
More reliable sterilization monitor can be carried out.

One-touch coupler for installation of the temperature sensor for articles to be sterilized and the external temperature sensor. 
The sensors can be removed from or installed in the FLS-1000 by the use of the coupler.



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An optional printer (dot matrix) can print data including operating parameters, chamber temperature, chamber pressure, temperature for articles to be sterilized, and sterilization cycle process.
The printer can print out data from the start till the end of operation.

Data Output Function

The temperature data and pressure data can be exported to the external recorder.

Brackets for Anti-tip Straps

Brackets secure the autoclave using commercially available straps or wires to prevent it from toppling over.
Two brackets each can be mounted on the two sides of the autoclave.


Basket, Bucket, Long Basket

  • “Double handle” is provided which keeps stability of large caliber basket and bucket.
  • Bottom up designed basket prevents from soaking in sterilizing water.
  • Stackable protrusion shape 
    ※The bucket will be used in one step.






Accessories here


FLS-1000220V model230V model240V model
Operating temperature range105°C to 123°C*1
Maximum operating pressure0.193MPa
TemperatureDisplay formDigital
Display range-15°C to 175°C
Pressure gaugeDisplay formAnalog
Display range0MPa to 0.4MPa (Red zone : 0.193MPa)
TimeDisplay formDigital
Sterilization setting range0:01~9:59 / 1~99 hours / 1~999minutes / 0:01~9:59, 10~99 hours
Safety devicesAs listed in Safety Devices*2
ChamberDimensionsInside diameter × inside dimension : φ450 x 678mm
Capacity100L (0.100m³)
MaterialSUS304 (Stainless steel)
Main bodyDimensions (mm)600W x 600D x 940Hmm, top plate height : 785mm
680W x 680D x 1,022Hmm (including the pedal and control panel)
Net weight108kg
Heat source (electric heater)3.0kW3.0kW3.3kW
Rated current14A13A14A
Power requirementsSingle-phase AC220V
50/60Hz 15A
Single-phase AC230V
50/60Hz 15A
Single-phase AC240V
50/60Hz 15A
Power consumption 
(heat output)
Equipment categoryLaboratory equipment
Compliance of standardIEC61010-2-040, IEC61326-1
Standard accessoriesStainless steel basket (φ415 x 233mm) 2 pcs

*1 Max. operating temperature depends on the altitude level.
* Specifications and design are subject to change for improvement without prior notice.
* Please ask for the latest specifications prior to your order and procurement.

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