Manufacturer: AVE



  • Sample dilution, mixing, filtration and aspiration are done automatically by the analyzer. It’s clean and pollution-free.
  • The whole work process, from test card and counting chamber loading to sample test and waste treatment, is completely walk-away automation;
  • Dynamic filter design enables efficient recycling of useful elements from the sample to avoid blocking and improve test accuracy;
  • High precision cuvette avoids the possibility of flow cell blockage and carryover from sample to sample and easy maintenance on tubing system;
  • Routine feces formed elements like red blood cells, white blood cells, parasitic ovum, etc. are   identified, classified and counted automatically be the analyzer. And some special pathological formed elements need to be identified, classified and counted by manual verification on the images captured;
  • Complete report illustrated with images and diagrams provides meaningful reference for clinic diagnosis.

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