CARESCAPE Monitor B450

Manufacturer: GE HEALTHCARE


A flexible bedside monitor that meets changing patient acuity and care area needs as well as maintains all monitoring functions during intra-hospital transport.

For smart intra-hospital transport and bedside monitoring

The convenient CARESCAPE™ Monitor B450 is robust and flexible enough to meet a patient's changing acuity and care needs, and light enough to travel with the patient throughout your hospital. Just unplug from the bedside and go; the wireless capability allows for continuous patient monitoring and data continuity. Flexible design allows for a multi-parameter module with hemodynamic measurements and one additional single-width measurement module.

Transportable and affordable, the CARESCAPE Monitor B450 has been designed with emergency departments and surgery centers in mind.


The CARESCAPE Monitor B450 can accommodate one multi-parameter module and one E-Module.

Multi-parameter modules:

  • CARESCAPE Patient Data Module: Facilitates patient mobility with uninterrupted flow of clinical intelligence before, during and after intra-hospital transport by collecting all patient data from the CARESCAPE modular monitor and refreshing the patient's record when reconnected to the network in the new location. Capable of 24-hour data storage with 36 arrhythmia events, 10 ST segments, 20 cardiac calculations and 10 pulomanary calculations. Exceptional parameter set includes 3-, 5-, and 6-leadwire ECG up to 8 measured ECG waveforms, EK-Pro four-lead arrhythmia analysis, optional 12RL* derived 12-lead ECG and 12SL* diagnostic 12-lead ECG, DINAMAP* SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure, and Masimo® SET® or Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2.
  • Patient Side Module: Enables simultaneous measurement of 3-, 5-, and 6-leadwire ECG up to 8 measured ECG waveforms, EK-Pro four-lead arrhythmia analysis with ST segment analysis, respiration, pulse oximetry, two temperatures, non-invasive blood pressure and optional two invasive blood pressures (in E-PSMP), optional 12RL* derived 12-lead ECG and 12SL* diagnostic 12-lead ECG in CARESCAPE* modular monitors.

Single-width slot for one of the following e-modules:
- Respiratory

  • CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules (E-sCO(V) and E-sCAiO(V)): Family of four airway modules designed to monitor respiratory and ventilator parameters in anesthesia and critical care applications. Depending on the module type, version and the clinical application, they provide measurements of airway gases, anesthetic agents with identification and Patient Spirometry. Acronyms:
    • s=single-width
    • C = CO2 and N2O
    • Ai = Anesthetic agents and agent identification
    • O = Patient O2
    • V = Patient Spirometry

- Hemodynamic modules

  • E-COP Module: Integrates the thermodilution cardiac output (C.O.), right ventricular ejection fraction (REF) and invasive blood pressure (P) measurements.
  • E-COPsv Module: In addition to providing those measurements of the E-COP module, provides mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2). ScvO2 measurement can also be obtained with a separate license.
  • E-MASIMO: Oxygen saturation measurement utilizing Masimo SET® pulse oximetry.
  • E-NSATX: Oxygen saturation measurement utilizing Nellcor™ pulse oximetry measurement algorithm, based on OxiMax™ Nell™ line technology.
  • E-PiCCO Module: Provides continuous cardiac output (CCO) measurement based on pulse contour calculation, transpulmonary thermodilution cardiac output (C.O.) and blood pressure (P).

- Neurology

  • E-EEG Module: Continuous integrated neuromonitoring with four channels of EEG and with auditory evoked potentials (AEP). The EEG headbox, N-EEG, must be used with the module.
  • E-BIS Module: Monitors the state of the brain in the OR, ICU and procedural sedation locations. In addition to the BIS, the monitors display one channel of raw EEG, suppression ratio, signal quality index (SQI) and EMG.
  • E-Entropy Module: Contains GE's unique Entropy* algorithm that monitors the state of the brain during anesthesia.
  • E-NMT Module: Integrates measurement of the level of neuromuscular block and provides a quantitative, automatic measurement of muscle response to an electrical stimulus.

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