Chemical duty high performance diaphragm pump, VP 220

Manufacturer: VWR


The VP 220 is ideal for rotary evaporators providing the powerful vacuum needed for demanding evaporations without the use of oil pumps. VP 220 has a built-in Advanced Vapour Management (AVM) which means precise control capability for the distillation of organic solvents and applications handling aggressive vapours and gases. The VP 220 is especially effective for rotary evaporation of low boiling point solvents such as acetone, ethanol and is able to strip DMF fast at 35 °C. The pump parts are all made of corrosion resistant materials such as PTFE and Kalrez to handle aggressive vapours, and together with the vacuum adjustment, the evaporation process will be optimised. Use the vacuum adjustment to increase the vacuum until bubbles form in the evaporation flask – then lower it slightly. Reduce the vacuum for fast reaction to bumping or foaming.

  • Durable and strong diaphragm technology
  • Compact design, lightweight, portable
  • Powerful chemical resistant diaphragm pump
  • Adjustable vacuum to control evaporation rate
  • Very little maintenance leading to low cost of ownership and improved productivity

Delivery information: Delivered with EU, UK, CH-plug and instruction manual.

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