New Cubis® High-Capacity Micro Balances

Manufacturer: SARTORIUS


  • Designed for weighing capacity up to 61 g with a readability of 0.001 mg.
  • Newly developed titanium sample holder for flexible positioning comes standard with Cubis® high-capacity micro balances.
  • Quickly position to accommodate different container sizes of up to 50 mL, such as long-necked flasks or HPLC bottles.
  • Supply an efficient and ergonomic solution for discharging static electricity on samples and their containers.
  • With perfect weighing performance: Repeatability and low minimum weight, fast response time and optimal ease of use and ergonomics.
  • Enables an extremely low sample weight, allowing you to comply with USP and FDA requirements.
  • isoCAL: fully automatic calibration/adjustment function with memory for calibration records.
  • Equipped with a touch screen, it is also suitable for customized workflows (Q-Apps).
  • Automatic, motorized draft shield with learning capability and choice of operation either by ergonomic, palm-activated key or a touch-free infrared sensor

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