Secura® Series Precision 0.001g

Manufacturer: SARTORIUS


  • Precision balances 0.001g up to 1100 g
  • Weighing without risk – data transfer to a printer or a computer is blocked when most common operating errors occur
  • Total confidence in your results: Incorrect results from an unlevelled balance are impossible – thanks to LevelControl, the optoelectronic level monitoring, alarm messaging and interactive user support feature
  • Active monitoring of the USP minimum sample weight requirement – due to programmed SQmin in the balance
  • Complete protection against incorrect results due to an uncalibrated balance – thanks to isoCAL, the internal fully automatic calibration and adjustment function with configurable action level
  • Traceable documentation of all calibration and adjustment data inside the balance – as a result of Cal Audit Trail
  • GLP-compliant printouts with proper time and date stamps – because of GLP printouts with a Sartorius GLP printer YDP30
  • Unauthorized changes of weighing settings are not possible – thanks to password protection
  • Easy cleaning for thorough results – based on an innovative housing design
  • Designed for working in laminar air flow environments – on account of an optimized draft ring and LevelControl

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