Siaretron 4000T

Manufacturer: GE HEALTHCARE


The Siaretron 4000 15 ″ lung ventilator for adults, children and newborn patients, built-in turbine, represents a very important innovation for the Intensive Care, conceived for treating pacients suffering from both acute and chronical respiratory diseases.

The Siaretron 4000 15 ″ is equipped with advanced functions for handling the different operating modes and with a large TFT 15 ″ touch screen color display that allows to show in a unique screen the time trends, the pressure curves, both flow and volume, flow / volume loops, pressure / volume, CO2.

The Siaretron 4000 15 '' ventilation system delivers controlled or spontaneous ventilation with a resettable level of positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP), trigger sensitivity and oxygen concentration. The ventilator is suitable for the ventilation of adult patients, children and newborn babies; equipped with a flow and / or pressure trigger, it provides the most modern controlled volume ventilation (VC / VAC, VC / VAC-BABY), controlled pressure (APCV, APCV-TV), Volume or Pressure SIMV, pressure assisted (PSV, PSV-TV), CPAP, BILEVEL S-ST, SIGH Sigh, non-invasive NIV ventilation, drug nebulizer and Manual ventilation.Spontaneous ventilation allows inspiratory patient flows up to a maximum of 240 L / min, with or without support pressure. battery, in perfect condition and fully charged, allows the ventilator to operate for at least 90 minutes.

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