Sterilization Oven, Model E 28, BINDER

Manufacturer: VWR


BINDER E Sterilization Ovens are ideal for drying, hardening, aging, and sterilization applications.
Natural convection is achieved by the controlled extraction of drying moisture via a 50mm (2") diameter exhaust duct with an adjustable ventilation slide.
The inner chamber is made of Type 304 stainless steel with rounded edges and internally welded seams for easy cleaning. The interior is completely tempered, which prevents condensation and ensures that moisture deposits will not impair drying results.
High-quality insulation reduces heat dissipation, which contributes to an active reduction in ambient temperature and helps avoid the need for additional air conditioning in the lab.
This oven features a mechanical controller. The timer can be set for timed use (0–120min.) or continuous operation. Oven 47746-654 features an integral thermostat that is rated Class 1, according to DIN 12880, Part 1.
Ordering information: Ovens include two chrome-plated shelves and four lockable casters.

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