Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Nutrient Agar (Dehydrated), CM0003

Manufacturer: THERMO FISHER


Cultivate and isolate fastidious pathogens and other microorganisms with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Nutrient Agar (Dehydrated). This non-selective medium contains beef extracts combined with peptone, yeast extracts and sodium chloride to provide the nitrogen compounds, carbon, vitamins and some trace ingredients necessary for the growth of bacteria.

Nutrient Agar is a basic culture medium used to subculture organisms for maintenance purposes or to check the purity of subcultures from isolation plates prior to biochemical or serological tests.

In semi-solid form, as agar slopes or agar butts, the medium is used to maintain control organisms1.

Nutrient Agar is suitable for teaching and demonstration purposes. It contains a concentration of 1.5% agar to permit the addition of up to 10% blood or other biological fluid, as required. The medium, without additions, may be used for the cultivation of organisms which are not exacting in their nutritional requirements.

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Remel™ and Oxoid™ products are now part of the Thermo Scientific brand.

1. Lapage S. P., Shelton J. E. and Mitchell T. G. (1970) in 'Methods in Microbiology' Eds. Norris J. R. and Ribbons D. W. Vol.3A. Academic Press. London. p.116

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