B40 Patient Monitor

Manufacturer: GE HEALTHCARE


A flexible bedside monitor that meets changing patient acuity and care area needs as well as maintains all monitoring functions during intra-hospital transport.

For smart intra-hospital transport and bedside monitoring

The convenient CARESCAPE™ Monitor B450 is robust and flexible enough to meet a patient's changing acuity and care needs, and light enough to travel with the patient throughout your hospital. Just unplug from the bedside and go; the wireless capability allows for continuous patient monitoring and data continuity. Flexible design allows for a multi-parameter module with hemodynamic measurements and one additional single-width measurement module.

Transportable and affordable, the CARESCAPE Monitor B450 has been designed with emergency departments and surgery centers in mind.


The CARESCAPE Monitor B450 gives you uninterrupted patient monitoring and data continuity, wherever your patient goes within the hospital.

Access the data you need quickly and easily – even during intra-hospital transport.

  • Configure alarm systems to match your needs.
  • Seamless physiologic data access can help enable fast treatment decisions.
  • Consistent, innovative algorithms aid in accurate diagnoses.
  • Increase workflow efficiency by configuring the monitor to meet unit standards and patient populations.
  • Improve patient flow and mobility door-to-door while receiving the seamless data flow through the CARESCAPE Gateway into the HIS/EMR.
  • Connect smoothly to displays, printers, recording devices and other bedside monitors for bed-to-bed viewing.

This scalable system grows with your needs.

  • Leverage your existing network and protect your long-term investment with scalability, flexibility and upgradability.
  • Easily train all staff experience levels with the user-friendly common interface of the CARESCAPE monitors.
  • Choose options for software, hardware, secondary displays and other capabilities for flexibility.
  • Get dedicated software and parameters for Anesthesia, PACU, Critical Care, Emergency Care and NICU care areas.
  • Remote serviceability allows your engineers or our technicians to access the devices for preventive maintenance and screening without interrupting clinical workflow1

1. Not available in all regions.

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