Lullaby Warmer Prime

Manufacturer: GE HEALTHCARE


Introducing the Lullaby Warmer Prime-from the company with 80 years of experience with infant warmers. Our latest innovation has been designed from the ground up to efficiently deliver exceptional thermoregulation while enhancing caregiver comfort.


Uniform heating 
Our warmer features a patented “J-profile” design that reflects heat uniformly to the bed for more thermal stability.

Reduced heat loss 
Our heater is made with a cartridge (Calrod*-like) technology that allows for rapid warming of cold surfaces, thus helping to reduce cold stress for the babies.

Safe contact with the patient 
All patient contact surfaces are made with biocompatible materials—chosen to be gentle on the baby’s delicate skin.

Clear observation 
With a LED-based observation lamp emitting a white light, our warmer allows for great patient observation.


Remarkably strong for enduring operation
Our warmer has been designed to operate in tough conditions. Our reusable probe is made with Kevlar1—the same material used in bulletproof vests! Add to that a design with only two moving parts for long lasting reliability.

Resilient in tough electrical conditions
Our warmer has been designed to operate without a voltage stabilizer and can withstand voltage fluctuations up to 390V!2

Designed for your conditions
Our warmer’s compact footprint makes it an ideal choice for today’s busy care units. It’s also lightweight and mobile with large wheels to tackle uneven surfaces.

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