Medrad MRXperion - MR Injection System

Manufacturer: Bayer

MRXperion  Technically advanced MR injector with improved workflow.


MEDRAD® MRXperion is a dual syringe power injector delivering contrast agents and saline during contrast-enhanced MRI diagnostic procedures. Technically advanced MR injector with improved workflow, point of care and injection data management*. Time saving features such as the patented snap-on/twist-off syringe design, automated filling and priming, and on-board calculators help to simplify user requirements.


Saves Time : From the way the syringes are installed to the way in which patient and injection data is made available to be utilized, the MEDRAD® MRXperion syringes and automated documentation* solution have been designed to save you time. This is efficient.

Increases Confidence : Reduce manual work and potential errors with automated documentation*, while improving the accuracy and consistency of recorded protocols and associated data. MEDRAD® MRXperion gives you the confidence that you are acting on accurate information. This is smart.

Enhances Patient Care :The combination of all the innovative features of MEDRAD® MRXperion means one thing – allowing you to provide the best care possible for your patient. This is MEDRAD® MRXperion

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