Medrad Stellant - CT Injection System

Manufacturer: Bayer



MEDRAD® Stellant  Intelligent and intuitive

MEDRAD® Stellant is the injector of choice for advanced CT applications providing accurate personalized delivery of contrast

Contrast Delivery : Referrers rely on prompt, accurate diagnoses to guide therapy and enable improved patient outcomes. Precise contrast delivery is expected for consistency to allow optimal image quality.

  • Protocol management and precise contrast delivery
  • Perform complex CTA and cardiac CT protocols
  • Create a tight contrast bolus
  • Enable precisely timed contrast delivery
  • Individualize contrast dose with Certegra™ P3T™ 2.0


  • Enhanced protocol management and injector design that enable efficiency improvements.
  • A simple workflow can help to save procedure time, avoid errors.
  • Simple to use, automated injection system
  • Accurate post-study documentation
  • Improve reporting accuracy

Multi-Patient Syringe System : Providing cost efficiency 

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