Medrad Salient - Contrast Injection System

Manufacturer: Bayer
The capabilities of MEDRAD® Salient


  • Cordless configuration: eliminates cables on the floor
  • Mobile and compact design allows flexibility of injector positioning and ease of storage
  • Light weight and easy to move


  • Simple head design minimizes contrast fouling
  • Provides dependable, reproducible flow rates and pressures that can consistently deliver injection protocols


  • User friendly, icon driven interface
  • Flexible workflow and software architecture
  • Single action syringe loading
  • Optional WiFi enabled remote control unit (RCU) added convenience and functionality
  • Ability to review the previous 40 injections at the injector head. The RCU allows review of up to 100 previous injection profiles (including volume, pressure and flow metrics). The RCU also allows data export of this information
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