Manufacturer: JEIO TECH

Structural Functional Features

  • Excellent space utilization through compact design.
  • The body has a low height (650 mm) allowing it to be placed on the bench and on the bottom part of the table.
  • Easy to control wind and intuitive display of fan level. (maximum 240m3/h)
  • Better safe use of chemicals with durability and spark-free BLDC motor.
  • The appropriate filter is selected according to the experiment environment. (option)
  • Single / Dual arm, arm diameter, and hood are selected according to the usage environment. (option)

Use Convenience Features

  • Pre-filter built in to extend other filter life.
  • Up to 2 filters can be installed depending on the material used. (option)
    ※ Example of filter configuration
    HEPA Filter for removing dust and carbon filter for removing/neutralizing harmful gas.
  • Soft wheels for easy movement and fixing.
  • Low fan speed notification when fan speed is low.

Examples Of Diverse Applications

  • Single Arm

    General configuration for 100% suction performance.
  • Dual Arm

    Space-efficient configuration with two hoods used.
  • Harmful gas purifier

    Purification of harmful gases and fine dust in the experiment space.
  • Laboratory table integral structure

    Maximal space utilization with placement of the lower part of the testing bench.

Adaptable Arm

Φ50 mm / 2.0 inch 1ea

Φ50 mm / 2.0 inch 2ea

Φ75 mm / 3.0 inch 1ea

Φ75 / 3.0 inch 2ea

Airflow Rate

240 m3/h

Noise Level

60 dB

Electric Requirement

230V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A

Dimension (W x D x H, mm / inch)

460 x 460 x 650 / 18.1 x 18.1 x 25.6

Net Weight (kg / lbs)

65 /143.3

Cat. No.

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