Vivid T8

Manufacturer: GE HEALTHCARE


Cardiac and shared services, together like never before from GE.

Vivid cardiac.
Shared services.
Paired for excellent performance.

In the Vivid™ T8, we’ve taken the established cardiac imaging capabilities of GE Vivid systems, and blended them with exceptional shared services performance of the LOGIQ™ systems.

The result: some of the best features of both systems combined into one value hybrid cardiovascular ultrasound system – rugged, reliable, robust, and rich with features, yet still affordable and easy to use.

Cardiac IQ Functionality

A feature-rich system with legacy Vivid software, the Vivid T8 uses an array of advanced quantitative tools to help enhance its cardiac imaging capabilities.

Shared Service

Delivering exceptional shared service image quality, the flexible Vivid T8 gives you options that let you customize the system to your facility’s shared service needs.


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